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What They’re Saying About Us

Take Their Word for It

Whether you’ve spent many years at Jackie's Hideaway or you're a new community member, we take the well-being of each and every one of our residents very seriously. People are talking about our high end facilities and personalized services, and proudly recommend our homes. But don’t just take our word for it, read some of our customer reviews and testimonials.

"My wife, Eleanor Flehinger, has been a patient at Jackie's Hideaway for about three years. During all of that time, her care has been excellent. The staff is efficient and always pleasant. They show that they like their patients, and they have a sense of humor to go along with their efficiency.

Every time I visit my wife, which is almost daily, I find the facility clean and well kept up. Many of the facilities I inspected before moving my wife into her present home repelled me because they smelled stale and dry. Jackie's Hideaway always smells clean and fresh, often with the aroma of a good meal cooking in the kitchen.

The food, which I inspect almost every visit, is appealing, nourishing, and varied. This is important because my wife still has a lusty appetite and seems to enjoy the meals.

My wife is so passive that it is difficult to examine her reaction to her situation, but she shows no signs of unhappiness, and I am comfortable with her care."

Max F

"Jackie's Hideaway is a wonderful place and I never dreamed I would find such a loving and caring environment for my dear friend. The staff is incredibly attentive and the home is peaceful and serene. It is a happy place that I highly recommend!"

Laura J

"Jackie's Hideaway is hands down the best care facility! It was recommended to me by a Hospice care nurse when I needed to find a place for my dear 90 year old friend who was just placed on Hospice care and bed-ridden. My friend has been living their for 7 months and the staff is incredibly attentive to her needs and have been amazing. She tells me everyday how much she loves it. She previously lived at an assisted living facility and the level of care and compassion at Jackie's Hideaway is five star in comparison.

Laura J

"My mother has been a resident at Jackie's Hideaway/Normandy Homes for 3 months and it has been the best move for her and our family. The care is excellent with lots of love and compassion. The caregivers know exactly how to handle residents with Alzheimer's.

Lisa F

"My mom, Alleine Wilson, couldn't be happier living at Jackie's Hideaway, especially now under the new ownership. She loves ALL the caregivers, the lovely grounds and tall trees, the attention she gets and especially the food! She has lived there for 2 1/2 years and has never had one complaint about anyone or anything there. The home is kept immaculately clean, is decorated beautifully and has very large private bedrooms and a huge TV room with a big screen TV. She especially likes Christmas when professional carolers dressed Victorian wardrobe come and serenade the residents with familiar Christmas songs that all can sing along with. Any senior would be lucky yo be living at Jackie's Hideaway"

Jeannie W

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